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Type: Stalker/Troll

Title: None

Status: BANNED

Period of Activity: Nov 08, 2002 (Nov 08, 2002)- Nov 17, 2002.

Affiliations: None

Description: One of the greatest trolls to ever attack SD.Net, Pavel earned his reputation because of his constant stalking of female members of this board (and one male member whom he thought to be female) with comments like "women love Italian manos. I am so seeexy". Supposedly a Russian from St. Petersburg, Pavel has admitted that he was an impostor when he was flamed in Russian . Despite that, his grasp of the English language remained extremely poor. Eventually, his threads degenerated into massive flamefests, where the entire forum attacked the troll. After the forum Staff received no less than ten independent ban requests, Pavel was finally ejected from the forum by Mike. And the people rejoiced.

Greatest Hits: Pavel hits on Zaia and aerius, Pavel calls fgalkin a traitor to Russia for not supporting him, Pavel stalks aerius (who is male) again, Pavel gets flamed mercilessly