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Oberth-class starship

The Oberth class is a type of Federation science vessel introduced in the 23rd century. It has an exceptionally long construction run, with new vessels being built as late as the 2360s[1].

Physical description

The Oberth has an unusual design, consisting of a small saucer section flanked by two warp nacelles and an underslung, featureless pod. The size and internal arrangement of the class is the subject of a long-running dispute within Trek fandom, as various episodes present wildly conflicting evidence.

Ships of the class are fitted with deflector shields and at least one bow-mounted phaser, however, they are tactically inferior to virtually any dedicated combat vessel[2].

Due to its small size and high level of automation, the Oberth can be operated by as few as five crewmembers[3]; the standard complement is eighty[4].

Operational history

The Oberth class was usually seen ferrying supplies or investigating astronomical phenomena. Ships of the class are operated by Starfleet and various civilian scientific institutions[5].

The ship was first seen on film in Star Trek III


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