Nova Empire

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Xandar capital city

The Nova Empire is a civilization in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with its capital on the planet Xandar.


Xandarians appear to be almost indistinguishable from humans. Some people living on Xandar have exotic skin coloration, but it is not clear whether they are natives, as many aliens (presumably from other worlds of the Nova Empire) live and work on Xandar.


The Nova Empire consists of an unspecified number of planets in a distant part of the Milky Way. The head of their government is called "Nova Prime", but little else is known about it. They were at war with the Kree Empire for an unspecified period of time, but they currently have an uneasy peace.

Nova Corps fighters

Threat Assessment

Nova Empire technology is far more advanced than Earth technology. They have a military known as the Nova Corps, which appears to operate as a police organization as well as the military.

The Nova Corps has numerous advanced starfighters and unspecified additional fleet assets. Their speed and deployment appears to be questionable, as there were no capital ships and only a few hundred fighters (at most) in position to defend Xandar when Ronan the Accuser attacked with a single capital ship of his own, the Dark Aster.

Xandarians of Note

  • Nova Prime
  • Corpsman Dey