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The Narada launching torpedos

The Narada was a Romulan mining vessel under the command of Nero. It appears only in the 2009 Star Trek movie.

Technical Data

Technical information on the Narada is sketchy, but we can determine the following from the movie:

  • The Narada was far larger and more powerful than 23rd-century Federation and Klingon warships, but it was still heavily damaged by a kamikaze attack by the USS Kelvin.
  • The Narada apparently had only one weapon, a rapid-fire launcher near the bow of the ship that fired torpedos of unspecified design. While multiple hits from these weapons would not destroy a Federation starship completely, just one hit reduced the shields of the USS Enterprise by almost 70% and caused serious internal damage. The torpedos traveled fairly slowly, allowing Federation ships to destroy many of them with point-defense phaser fire.
  • The ship has a door in its bow leading into a vast interior space, presumably a cargo hold for mined ores.
  • The Narada could deploy a drilling rig from a hatch near its stern, lowering a beam emitter down a long chain into the atmosphere of a planet. The drilling rig fired a beam toward the planet that could penetrate to the planet's core in an unspecified period of time (although it was at least several minutes. Why the beam emitter of the drill needed to be lowered into the atmosphere from orbit is unexplained. The beam interfered with transporter function, making it impossible to transport to or from the Narada while the beam was operating.
  • The Narada was inexplicably spikey in appearance and its interior shows a casual disregard for the safety of the crew; OSHA non-compliance of its magnitude hasn't been seen since Star Wars: A New Hope.