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Miranda class, standard configuration

The Miranda class is a type of Federation light cruiser in use since the late 23rd century. It has been produced in significant numbers, and is one of the most ubiquitous vessels in Starfleet.

Physical description

The Miranda shares many design elements with the contemporary Constitution class refit. It consists of an extended saucer section, incorporating two large shuttlebays and the vessel's warp core, flanked by two warp nacelles. A rollbar is mounted above the vessel's aft section[1].

The class is armed with six phaser emitters on the hull, additional phaser cannons mounted on the rollbar's support pylons, and forward and aft photon torpedo launchers[2].

Operational life

The standard Miranda configuration was first seen in 2285. It is unknown if the class was a new design, or if it was an upgrade from an earlier ship class much like the Constitution.

The class remained in service throughout the following century, receiving periodic upgrades to keep it up-to-date. While used mainly as a research and patrol vessel, it saw frontline combat action throughout the Dominion War[3].


Perhaps thanks to its long lifespan and modular design, the Miranda formed the basis for various subclasses, with varying degrees of modifications to the base design:

  • The Lantree variant omitted the rollbar, and sacrificed crew facilities for additional cargo space. Classified as a supply ship, the vessel had only token defences[4].
  • The Saratoga variant likewise omitted the rollbar, though the vessel was still fitted with at least one torpedo launcher. Pods with a non-descript function were added to the side of the craft, and the main ventral phaser emitted was moved back to the sensor dome[5].
  • At least one variant in service during the Dominion War replaced the aft torpedo launcher with an additional impulse engine[6].
  • The Soyuz-class, while a class itself, was based on the Miranda design. Like the Lantree, it omitted the rollbar, but dramatically extended the vessel, adding various structural parts of unknown function[7].


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