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Welcome, recruits! This is the Imperial Wiki, the wiki, which deals with Star Wars vs Star Trek, discussing the technology and politics of both sides as well as the relevant sciences. Much (but not all) of the content comes from the history of the StarDestroyer.Net website and forums.

Spoiler Warning: By its very nature, this wiki is likely to reveal important plot points in the movies, shows, and other stories discussed. If learning such information would "spoil" the story for you, you should avoid reading any related articles until you've actually seen or read the story yourself. This is your only warning.

This is a wiki, so anyone can create or edit a page. So far we have created 1,884 articles. For the basics on editing, you can refer to the Help section. Please also read the wiki Policies and ImperialWiki style guide before making any contributions.

Admiral Kanos has promoted users Sheppard, Stark, and Ted C to admin posts. Leave any comments or requests regarding the wiki on their talk pages!


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