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moar sleeping

Lucy is the second dog in Zablorg's family to be claimed. Once upon a time when Zablorg's mother was walking Jess, some passers-by inquired as to whether Jess was the greyhound they saw in the paper. It was later found that the RSPCA was advertising the presence of a greyhound who was found on the streets, starving, cold, and with severely injured foots. Two days later, she was bought. When she was driven home and given some roaming time in the back "yard" (it's not actually a yard), she somehow managed to find herself on the pool cover. She was starved enough that she managed to cross the sheet of plastic suspended in water without incident, however.

There has always been some tension between Lucy and Jess, and this is theorized to be because they are both adult females. Women.

Lucy's past is mysterious and is theorized by the RSPCA to include drug users and animal abuse. Whenever someone tries to stroke Lucy on the head, she flinches away from it slightly. Poor girl.