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Libertarianism is a political philosophy that advocates a minimal state in which the government is to be strictly limited in it's functions and capacity. Libertarianism places great emphasis is on individual rights and freedom. It is a political philosophy that has recently been focusing on more.

Common Libertarian Beliefs

  • Reduction of state-run programs down to as few as possible. Libertarians generally favor police forces and a minimal standing army; some support public schools in some form or another.
  • De-federalization.
  • Capitalism, usually with plans to remove regulatory laws on corporations such as anti-trust laws and minimum wages .
  • Abolition of welfare programs.
  • Militant opposition to gun-control.
  • Non-confrontational foreign policy.
  • Strong belief in separation of church and state.
  • Elimination of victim-less crimes from the law books (prostitution, drugs, seatbelts, etc.).
  • Minimal taxation, if any (extreme Libertarians see taxation as theft).

A closely related concept is anarcho-capitalism (most notably expounded by one L. Neil Smith), which advocates complete abolition of government, replacing it with corporations. Anarcho-capitalists are -- for all intents and purposes -- religiously devoted to the concept of “the Invisible Hand of the market”. Even among Libertarians, these guys are seen as lunatics, as their knee-jerk response to any criticism often starts with "Hey, I am a Libertarian, but not one of those anarcho-capitalist morons".


Even with a few self-described “Small L libertarians” in the board’s established population, Libertarianism is for the most part highly criticized by's population for its lack of regulation; how its wealth redistribution would lead to the emergence of a few corporate monopolies; the fact that it removes environmental codes which would lead to massive ecological damage; the effects of legalization of hard drugs on society; the fact that sometimes it makes sense to drag someone away from being stupid; and effectively making the government small, dumb, and weak, especially making it vulnerable during wartime.

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