Kuat Drive Yards

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Kuat Drive Yards: ring around the planet.

Kuat Drive Yards is the largest military vehicle construction corporation in the galaxy. It was founded in the early days of the Galactic Republic and based in the Kaut system.

The Products and Yards Themselves

Kuat Drive Yards' products include the tiny, one-man TIE fighters; the hulking AT-ATs; planetary defense turbolasers; and the mighty Star Dreadnaughts. Being the largest shipbuilding corporation in the galaxy and almost as old as the Republic itself, KDY was able to afford massive shipyards. Its first shipyard, a massive ring that encircles the entire planet of Kuat, is called the Orbital Array, and it houses the more important shipbuilding facilities. Farther out are various other facilities, including a belt of shipyards that surrounds the entire Kuat system.