Kodan Command Ship

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A Kodan Command Ship.

A Kodan Command Ship is the primary capital starship of the Kodan Empire.


The Kodan Command Ship is a heavy starfighter carrier capital warship that serves as the backbone of the Kodan Armada. The ship carries a large number of starfighters as its primary offensive and defensive armament. The ship is armed with numerous point defense batteries and is also armed with a heavy attack weapon that fires meteors as its ammunition. While heavily armed, the point defense weaponry is not able to target and hit fast moving targets reliably. This means that without the support of its squadrons of deck fighters the ship can not effectively repel an attack from enemy starfighters. A surprise attack by a Gunstar, the primary weapon of their enemy the Star League, can quickly disable all of the ship's point defense capability with a few well placed hits.

The Kodan Command Ship makes use of electronic control and detection technology in order to link its fleet of Deck Fighters into a coordinated strike and defensive force. They do this using a large communication turret mounted on the underside of the central section of the ship. Normally this does not serve as a problem as most attempts to engage the Command Ship directly must fight their way past the linked and coordinated squadrons of Deck Fighters before any attacker can have the opportunity to attack and disable the control equipment. If this control turret is destroyed, Kodan Deck Fighters do not have their own sensor equipment rendering them effectively blind. A Kodan attack formation usually employes all of its available fighters in a massive formation designed to overwhelm any type of defenses that they might encounter. A Kodan Command Ship embarks 72 deck fighters plus 6 fighters carrying the Armada's Kodan Wing Commanders for a total of 78 units.

Threat Assessment

It is uncertain how many Command Ships, and their included armada of Deck Fighters, the Kodan have in their overall fleet. From what we have seen of the ship, it relies too heavily on the protection of its starfighters as its point defenses are grossly inadequate. Any heavy capital ship that can embark their own starfighters will be able to easily disable most of the ship's defensive capabilities. The ship's biggest asset is its cyborg technology that links all of its fighters into a massive overwhelming force. However, against a force of equivalent size, such as the fighter wing of an Imperial Star Destroyer; the Kodan Command Ship may be quickly stripped of its fighter cover. Once stripped of its fighter cover, it only leaves the ship with its point defense weapons and its meteor gun terror weapon for offensive armament.