Katherine Pulaski

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Katherine Pulaski
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"Mind if I purge some of your memory?"




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Katherine Pulaski served a brief tour of duty as the chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise in Star Trek: The Next Generation. She is widely disliked by fans both for replacing the more popular Beverly Crusher and especially for treating Data as an object instead of a person. She doesn't even give him the respect of saying his name correctly.

Medical Ethics

Dr. Pulaski developed an experimental procedure for erasing memories from humanoids. When a young girl from the planet Drema 4 was brought on board the Enterprise, Pulaski used her procedure to eliminate the girl's memories of her contact with Data and visit to the starship, even though she had no previous medical experience with Dremans.

"Assuming her brain structure is similar to ours, the memories will be stored chemically on the neurons of the cerebral cortex. They are also time dependent. I'll have to scan for age of the chemical links and try to find the relevant neurons. To be sure, I may have to go back weeks before the initial contact with Data."
--TNG "Pen Pals"

Chuck's assessment

"Jesus you're a complete cun-...-temptible person. (Heavy Breathing) Janeway was obviously a seven-year-long apology by this franchise for season 2, where the entire female gender is represented by someone who didn't get a uniform and had a haircut created out of a hatred towards life itself.. And you, Doctor... Pulaski, Doctor Pulaski, Doctor Smug-ass Monkey-face Sack-o-Shit! I would try to beat some sense into you, but my parents taught me it was wrong to kick livestock! Your voice, is like the sound of 200-pound housefly trying to rape a cat! In fact, it's scientifically proven, that every time you open your fat gob a fairy slits its wrists! Your lack of basic humanity is so stunning, I bet polar bears flock to your panty drawer in the desperate hope of surviving global warming!! When Picard accidentally glimpsed you naked, he spent hours screaming there were Five Lights!!!"
-- SFDebris AKA Chuck Sonnenburg