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sleeping is rly srs bsns. srsly

Jess is the first of Zablorg's family pets. She is a greyhound. Because her legs got tired so easily, her breeders decided to keep her as one of the farm's many "pet" dogs. When Zablorg's family indicated interest in owning a greyhound, they decided to let them have her, free of charge.

Jess appears to think that because she is highest in the dog hierarchy, she is allowed to sleep on the fucking couch. No matter how many times we loudly remind her that this is not the case, she doesn't seem to care.

She is reject descended from Token Prince, a fact which no-one except greyhound breeders cares about.

Jess's hobbies include sleeping on her mattress, and more irritatingly, sleeping on the god-damn couch.

Being a greyhound, Jess will go into an amazingly excited state when meeting a small furry animal on her walks, whether it be a possum or a cat, or even a small dog. This is in fact the reason that she has to wear a muzzle outside, not because she wants to harm your children.