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Name: JeanLucPicard

Type: Pathetic, Lying, Wannabe Teenager

Title: Village Idiot

Status: Active

Period of Activity: 05 Jan 2005 (13 Jan 2005) - 25 Jan 2005

Affiliations: None

Description: JeanLucPicard started off badly, and hasn’t improved much since. On 13 Jan, 2005, at 18:56 GMT JeanLucPicard posted the ridiculous assertion that a model of the Enterprise was able to fly because it was aerodynamic and that the saucer section provided lift. Almost simultaneously he posted a “the borg will kick everyone’s ass” post, and three trekkie fanwanking posts, all four of these threads were necroed. Then at 20:36 came the beginning of his claims that he was in the USAF. At 20:59, he claimed that he flew the F-22. At 21:11, he claimed that he would give us proof that he was in the USAF, but that “[He’s] not allowed too.” After his claim was debunked and he was forced to admit that not only was he not in the military, but that he was 15 years old.

While this was going on, he also claimed to be “highly skiled in the arts of rhetoric, logic, forensics, and debate.” In many of his posts he used symbols and numbers in the place of words, this irritated many members of the board, most of which were already annoyed with him regarding his false claims. He also threatened to hack the board. He was titled on 23 Jan 2005. He disappeared soon after.

Greatest Hits:

JeanLucPicard is tried, convicted, and sentenced in The People’s Show Court.

JLP earns his VI

JLP asks “How do I get IQ points?”

Editor: Jason L. Miles