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Japan is a Parliamentry Monarchy located on a chain of volcanic islands in the western pacific ocean close to China. Japan was notable for being the first Civilization that was neither European or of European Origin to undergo the Industrial Revolution after opening up to western trade thanks to Admiral Matthew C. Perry and as such, emerged as the largest military power in the east asian sphere of influence by 1900 and gained claim as a prominent nation after the Russian Japanese war (1904 to 1905).

During the 1920's Japan fell to fascism and lead to wars of expansion against nations including China, which provoked the wrath of the US. Despite facing a major defeat during World War II at the hand of the United States of America, which ended Japan's bid to become a major military power, since the 1970s Japan has emerged as a leading industrial and technological power, surpassing the United States in many respects. It is also a prominent cultural nation with a thriving entertainment industry and is notable for producing some rather unusual sections of it.[1]

Among the most well known of Japan's cultural contributions to the world in recent years is Anime.