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Iron Man
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"I am Iron Man."




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Iron Man is a superhero from Marvel Comics who has become very popular as the star of three eponymous movies and a lead in The Avengers.

History (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Tony Stark is the spoiled and egocentric but brilliant owner of Stark Industries. Stark Industries became a huge company as a supplier of weapons for Western militaries, and Tony Stark became an engineer and invented many of the firm's newer weapon systems. Following a weapon demonstration in Afghanistan, he was captured by terrorists who intended to force him to build weapons for them. Instead, he developed a suit of powered armor and a miniature arc reactor to power it (in a CAVE, from a BOX OF SCRAPS). With this armor, he was able to destroy the terrorist base and escape.

Since his escape, he has turned Stark Industries away from weapons development, focusing on developing his arc reactor technology into a clean energy source for civilian uses, instead. He does, however, continue to develop advanced weapons for his own use.


Tony Stark is a genius with expertise in engineering, physics, and chemistry. He suffered a chest injury in Afghanistan that left pieces of shrapnel near his heart. For years he used a magnet powered by one of his arc reactors to keep the shards from killing him, but he eventually had them surgically removed.

Stark has developed many variations of his "Iron Man" armor, but they typically have the following attributes.

  • High durability: Made of high-quality titanium alloys, the armor is tough enough to withstand bullets, heavy blows, and even some energy weapons and explosive ordnance without severe losses of performance or serious injury to the wearer.
  • Superhuman strength: The wearer of the armor can easily lift tons of mass, enabling them to throw cars around.
  • Life support: The suit has an independent air supply, allowing the wearer to survive underwater or in vacuum for an unspecified period of time.
  • Flight: "Repulsor" jets in the boots, gloves, and distributed around the torso allow the wearer to fly for extended periods of time. The armor is capable of reaching supersonic speeds and altitudes of tens of thousands of feet.
  • Directed-energy weapons: Stark has weaponized the repulsor jets in the suit's palms to fire concentrated beams of heat and force. Newer suits also have intense laser beams built into the backs of the gloves.
  • Missile weapons: The armor has an assortment of miniature guided missiles stored in the arms, legs, and shoulders. These include anti-personnel darts, anti-aircraft missiles, and anti-armor missiles.
  • Arc reactor: Stark's armored suits are powered by arc reactors. Early models drew power directly from the reactor that he wore in his own chest, but later suits have independent power supplies.