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Inhumans are humans who have inherited artificial genetic traits introduced to humanity by Kree experiments.


All Inhumans begin life indistinguishable from other humans. They have no superhuman attributes unless exposed to terrigen crystal, which initiates a transformation when ingested or even when an intact crystal is handled.

While terrigen exposure is dangerous to humans, it causes a metamorphosis in Inhumans. The individual is incased in a hard, mineral "cocoon", which breaks open in a few minutes to release the transformed Inhuman.

The effects of terrigen on an Inhuman are unpredictable, and the results appear to be unique for each Inhuman. Numerous superhuman abilities have been demonstrated, including precognition, telekinesis, controlled electrical discharges, controlled induction of vibrations, and teleportation. Physical appearance may also change.

Known Inhumans

  • Daisy "Skye" Johnson (aka "Quake"): Vibratory powers
  • Lincoln Campbell: Electrical powers
  • Gordon: Teleportation
  • Jiayang: Self-healing by draining life from others
  • Raina: Precognition and sharp quills