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Imperial-class Star Destroyers, originally known as the Imperator-class Star Destroyer, are (along with Imperial Stormtroopers) the best known symbol of the Galactic Empire's military might and are the mainstay of the Imperial Starfleet.


Carrying a crew of 46,700 personnel, including Stormtroopers, fighter pilots, support craft pilots, and the necessary crew and officers required to run these 1,600 meter long ships, Imperial-class Star Destroyers have high crew requirements relative to other vessels of similar size. In addition to the 46,700 crew, these ships hold 900 more personnel when acting as a flagship and can also carry 1,800 passengers. These WEG stats are considered highly minimalistic, as they ignore the three dimensional carrying capacities of such a craft.

Offensive and Defensive Capabilities

In general, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer has three kinds of offensive options. It can fire with its primary guns along the superstructure, although it would be rare for all eight mounts to be able to fire on a single target. For an ISD-I, three of the turrets are heavy turbolaser turrets and the rear turrets were heavy ion cannon turrets.

It can also fire with smaller but still fairly heavy guns distributed in the trench notches and three triple-gun turrets are mounted on the ridge of the ship, just forward of the lowest, forward-most terrace of the dorsal superstructure. The final offensive option to an Imperial Captain is the ship's wing of 72 TIE fighters.

Defensively, the ship can once again deploy its fighter wing to screen itself. Closer in, enemy fire and small ships may be intercepted by flak or CIWS. The last two lines of defense are the ship's shields and its armor plating.