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SHIELD Helicarrier
UNIT Helicarrier

A helicarrier is an airborne aircraft carrier used by SHIELD as a mobile command center.

SHIELD Helicarrier Specifications

  • The original SHIELD helicarrier appears to be at least as large as a US Navy Nimitz-class carrier.
  • The ship is lifted by four turbines that are at least ten meters across.
    • The ship can land safely on water. When on the surface, the turbines fold into submerged hull recesses.
    • The ship can maintain altitude if one turbine fails, but will lose altitude if two or more fail.
  • Power for the ship isn't specified, but it presumably comes from an advanced nuclear power plant.
  • The carrier has a full air wing, including modern jet fighters with VTOL capabilities.
  • Reflectors on the ventral hull allow the carrier to camouflage itself from ground observers.

In 2014, SHIELD completed three new helicarriers. These new ships had the following upgrades.

  • The ships replaced the turbines with repulsor technology provided by Tony Stark, making the propulsion system more robust and reliable.
  • The ships were armed with an assortment of automated cannons and long-range rifles distributed around the hull and tied into an advanced, computerized targeting system.

As the ships had been commandeered by Hydra infiltrators for use in a preemptive strike against Hydra's enemies, Captain America led a raid that turned their computerized weapons on each other, resulting in the destruction of all three vessels.

Doctor Who Helicarrier

The Master designed a helicarrier, the HMS Valiant, for UNIT while he was living on Earth as "Harold Saxon". It was completed in less than 18 months and served as his base of operations during his takeover of the Earth. When that timeline was erased by the Doctor, only those on board remembered the year of the Master's rule.

The Valiant was later destroyed during a Dalek invasion.