Goa'uld Healing Technology

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Goa'uld Healing Technology is a form of advanced Medical Technology used by the Goa'uld. Like much of Goa'uld Technology, it is based off reverse engineered Ancient Technology from which stemmed the myth of the Fountain of Youth. The mechanism by which they work remains unknown.

Hand Healing Device

The hand-based variant is a small device worn over the hand. Holding an activated healing device over wounded tissue can quickly repair the damage. They are capable of healing wounds as severe as a broken bone, although they do have limits and truly severe injuries can not be repaired by these machines.

Like Hand Devices, hand healing devices are keyed to only be used by Goa'uld symbiotes.


The Sarcophagus is a larger, more advanced type of Healing Device that is the size of a large bed. One of these devices can repair almost any wound to a human, up to reviving someone who has been clinically dead for several minutes. The device can also effectively reverse the aging process. However, there are complications to Sarcophagus usage. While a single use has no ill effect, nor do repeat uses over long intervals of time, frequently repeated use causes an addiction as well as notable personality changes. Sarcophagi are activated simply by lying in them and can be used by any human-sized life form.