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Commanded by a Major General.

Due to Imperial Doctrine holding that a Corps is a sufficient force to retake any planet, and that the Empire wants planetary garrisons to form the nucleus of forces during a rapid mobilization, Corps headquarters are the basis of the garrisons found on every planet in the Empire.

This is mostly due to the realization that in a planetary crisis, units would most likely have to be sent from all over a Sector, and the Imperial Army wanted a headquarters unit in place which could then take command of the disparate elements.

When configured as a planetary garrison, the Corps HQ also have diplomatic, trade, medical, science, and diplomatic personnel assigned. Despite these attachements nominally being outside of the Corps' chain of command; in practice, the Major General of a Corps HQ is the supreme authority of a planet, if it doesn't have an Imperial Governor assigned.

Set up As Planetary Garrisions

The typical deployment of a Corps for garrisons is four battalions mixed in an optimal way for the world, rather than following the OB slavishly.

A popular configuration is:

  • One Stormtrooper Battalion (820 Stormtroopers)
  • One AT-ST Battalion (1,096 men; 93 AT-STs, 55 Repulsorlifts)
  • Two AT-AT Battalions (2,000 men; 106 AT-ATs, 110 Repulsorlifts)
  • One Ground Support Wing (40 Starfighters)

Deployed as a Military Force

The Corps is one of the few Army/Navy cooperative efforts. As such, Imperial Corps transports can carry all types of Corps, and the ships themselves are one of the newer models in the starfleet.

Corps HQ Organization

  • Major General
    • Five General Staff Officers (SP1 to SP5)
      • Two Staff Officers attached to each General Staff Officer (SP11 to SP52)
    • Corps HQ Security Company (152 Men)
    • Six Perimeter Platoons
    • Fifty ISB Agents
    • Imperial Intelligence Officer (Ubiqtorate)
    • 388 Support Personnel
    • Three CompForce Support Platoons (114 men)
    • 2,000 industrial droids which can manufacture virtually anything from the crudest raw materials; as long as this supply complex is working, the Corps can operate indefinitely without Imperial Resupply.

Types of Non-Augmented Corps (aka minimum possible sizes; augmented corps can be much much bigger)

  • Line Corps - These consist of at least 48,541 combat troops and 20,658 support troops for a total of 69,199 men. Corps vehicles include at least 2,600~ repulsorlift vehicles and 371 heavy repulsortanks.
  • Atrisian Corps - These consist of at least 48,403 combat troops with 3,385 repulsorlift vehicles and 795 heavy repulsortanks.
  • Mobile Corps - These consist of at least 48,508 combat troops and 23,107 support personnel for a total of 71,615 men. Corps vehicles include at least 5,548 repulsorlift vehicles and 1,113 heavy repulsortanks.
  • Armor Corps - These consist of at least 48,192 combat troops and 26,602 support personnel for a total of 74,794 men. Corps vehicles include at least 5,128 repulsorlift vehicles and 1,219 heavy repulsortanks.


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