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The Canadian Halifax-class frigate HMCS St. John's (FFH-340)

In the modern navy, a frigate is a fast warship used for anti-ship warfare. The term was first used in the age of sail. Frigates are generally smaller than destroyers.

Real World Friagtes

  • Admiral Gorshkov-class (Russian Navy)
  • Admiral Grigorovich-class (Russian Navy)
  • Álvaro de Bazán-class (Spanish Navy)
  • Anzac-class (Royal Australian Navy)
  • Baden-Württemberg-class (German Navy)
  • Barbaros-class (Turkish Navy)
  • Brahmaputra-class (Indian Navy)
  • Brandenburg-class (German Navy)
  • Braunschweig-class (German Navy)
  • Bremen-class (German Navy)
  • Bronstein-class (United States Navy)
  • Brooke-class (United States Navy)
  • Burevestnik-class (Soviet Navy)
  • Cassard-class (French Navy)
  • Commandant Rivière-class (French Navy)
  • De Zeven Provinciën-class (Royal Netherlands Navy)
  • Floréal-class (French Navy)
  • Garcia-class (United States Navy)
  • Georges Leygues-class (French Navy)
  • Gepard-class (Soviet Navy)
  • Godavari-class (Indian Navy)
  • Halifax-class (Royal Canadian Navy)
  • Horizon-class (French Navy, Italian Navy)
  • Knox-class (United States Navy)
    • Beleares-class (Spanish Navy)
    • Chi Yang-class (Republic of China Navy)
  • Kola-class (Soviet Navy)
  • Köln-class (German Navy)
  • Koni-class (Soviet Navy)
  • La Fayette-class (French Navy)
  • Le Normand-class (French Navy)
  • Maelstrale-class (Italian Navy)
  • Mirka-class (Soviet Navy)
  • Neustrashimy-class (Russian Navy)
  • Nilgiri-class (Indian Navy)
  • Novik (Russian Navy)
  • Oliver Hazard Perry-class (United States Navy)
    • Adelaide-class (Royal Australian Navy)
    • Santa Maria-class (Spanish Navy)
    • Cheng Kung-class (Republic of China Navy)
  • Petya-class (Soviet Navy)
  • Prestonian-class (Royal Canadian Navy)
  • Riga-class (Soviet Navy)
  • Sachsen-class (German Navy)
  • Shivalik-class (Indian Navy)
  • Suffren-class (French Navy)
  • Talwar-class (Indian Navy)
  • Tourville-class (French Navy)
  • Type 21 (Royal Navy)
  • Type 22 (Royal Navy)
  • Type 23 (Royal Navy)
  • Type 26 (Royal Navy)

Frigates in Science Fiction

Frigates are typically the smallest class of capital warship in science fiction.