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Solar eclipses are rare and spectacular!
An eclipse occurs when one body obscures light from another body. The best known phenomenon of this type is a Solar eclipse, which occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, blocking the Sun's light from a region on the planet's surface. If the Moon happens to be at its farthest approach(thus appearing smaller) or the Earth at its closest to the Sun(the sun appears larger), or both, than you will get an Annular Eclipse where a thin ring of the sun is still visible. There is also the more common Lunar Eclipse where the full moon passes inside the Earth's shadow, leaving it only lit by light refracted through Earth's atmosphere, giving it a red appearance.


Eclipse in Mass Effect

Eclipse logo

In Mass Effect, Eclipse is a mercenary organization that operates in the Terminus Systems.


Eclipse was founded by an asari named Jona Sedaris. Little is known about the larger Eclipse network. Eclipse cells operate on various planets under the direction of a local officer, who supervises their operations. In addition to mercenary work, they are also active smugglers of weapons, drugs, and fugitives. A typical Eclipse cell is a commando unit that emphasizes the use of mobility, biotic powers, and combat engineering (tech powers).


Eclipse recruits humans, asari, and salarians; most leadership positions are held by asari. In at least some cells, an Eclipse recruit must commit a murder to earn his or her uniform.

Threat Assessment

Eclipse is a significant force in the poorly governed Terminus Systems, but their forces are far too limited to threaten a major planetary government, let alone an interstellar government.