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EU-Fic is a collaborative effort by certain members of the community to re-imagine the Star Wars Expanded Universe. This effort was created as a reaction to the long-term inconsistencies and lack of coherent vision inherent in the current Expanded Universe. It somewhat parallels similar efforts such as Drakafic (a response to the insane direction S.M. Stirling went off in his Draka stories). The works of Publius are also a major source of inspiration and, where applicable, considered in-house canon.

The overall effort is divided into three distinct eras. They are: The period between Return of the Jedi and Vector Prime, a complete reboot of the New Jedi Order and a complete reboot of the Prequel Trilogy and contemporary material. Tentative plans to explore the foundation of the Republic and a second Galactic Empire thousands of years in the future also exist, but these remain low priorities.

This page will serve as an index for background information (collectively known as the "EU-Fic Bible") and possibly the stories themselves. To avoid creating confusion in the Imperial Wiki, stories and articles should be created in the format "EU-Fic/Title".


1. Timeline

There are a number of timelines proposed.

EU-Fic/Timeline is the main timeline page.

EU-Fic/TimelineProposals is a repository for proposals and working drafts of the timeline.

2. Frequently Asked Questions

EU-Fic/FAQ lists all common questions concerning decisions made in the planning of EU-Fic's background. If you have a question you wish to ask, please bring it up first either on the forum's EU-Fic topic or on the discussion page of the FAQ.

3. Supplemental Materials

EU-Fic/History - General historical fluff.

EU-Fic/Locations - Locales (worlds and megacities) of the galaxy.

EU-Fic/Characters - Characters in the stories and their background. Articles should be added later on each character.

EU-Fic/Society - Norms of society in the galaxy. Covers linguistics and humanities.

EU-Fic/Politics - The political realities of the galaxy far, far away.

EU-Fic/Science - The science of the galaxy far, far away.

EU-Fic/Technology/General - General technologies of the Republic, Empire, New Republic, and beyond.

EU-Fic/Technology/GroundForces - Ground forces of the Republic, Empire, New Republic, and beyond.

EU-Fic/Technology/CapitalShips - A list of capital ships. This can be broken down later by era, ship type, etc.

EU-Fic/Technology/SmallCraft - A list of fighter craft etc.

4. In-house Canon

These articles are to be considered canon unless otherwise noted.

Domus Publica - A reference written by Publius.

The New Order in Power - An article on the politics and structure of the Galactic Empire, by Publius.


Editorial Committee

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Illuminatus Primus

Technical Consultant


Conceptual Consultant



No stories have been written yet, as EU-Fic is still in the planning stage.