E-Web heavy blaster

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The E-Web heavy blaster is a heavy tripod mounted blaser cannon used by the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War.

The E-Web is a heavy support blaster that requires a crew of at least 3. One to fire the cannon, one to carry and set up the tripod and one to carry the power module. It is a heavy rapid fire weapon that is comparable in use to the Browning M2(Ma Deuce) heavy machine gun used by NATO forces. The blaster is powerful enough to provide heavy fire support for infantry positions and to be able to cause damage to key lightly armored areas of small starships, such as the Millennium Falcon. The cannon can easily be automated and mounted on vehicles and starships as is evidenced by the one Han Solo mounted on his venerable light freighter. It has a advanced built in sighting system that allows the operator to easily target fast moving targets and build in macrobinocular capabilities.