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A disease of the week is an illness that serves as a plot device in a single Star Trek (or other SF series) episode. The existence of disease-based episodes that occur on Federation planets or bases is amusing in light of Federation claims to have eliminated disease.

Star Trek Examples


  • "Code of Honor": A plague on Styris IV requires the Enterprise to retrieve a medical treatment from the non-Federation planet Ligon II.
  • "Too Short a Season": Admiral Jameson has a chronic case of Iverson's Disease.
  • "Angel One": A virus that Wesley acquired during shore leave infects most of the crew of the Enterprise.
  • "The Schizoid Man": Dr. Ira Graves is dying of Varnay's Disease.
  • "Sarek": Sarek is suffering from Bendii Syndrome, a disease that causes dementia in elderly Vulcans.