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Discworld is a series of Fantasy comedy novels writen by Terry Pratchett. The series is named for the primary location of the events of the series, which take place on a a disc shaped world seated on the backs of four elephants which stand on the back of a gigantic sea turtle, based off one of the early mythological depictions of earth.

Discworld in Verses Debates

Discworld is a dificult thing to quantify due to the nature of how it operates. While Warfare remains at a level comprable to that of the late medieval period baring some anomalies such as Trolls, Golems, the Clacks Network and Leonard of Quirm, one must take into consideration forces of Narrative Causality in which tropes common in fiction manifest themselves, such as million to one chances always happening, plucky heroes are often at an advantage and fairy tales will happen if you let them.

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