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A Zumwalt-class guided missile destroyer opens fire with its missiles and 155mm guns.
Destroyers are a type of naval warship designed primarily for escort work. The term destroyer stems from the original title of Torpedo Boat Destroyer, as their original purpose was to destroy torpedo boats before they could threaten battleships.

Modern destroyers are multi-role warships that can attack opposing ships, submarines, aircraft, and inland targets with cannons, torpedoes, and missiles. In the modern US Navy, they also serve as escorts for carriers.

Real Life Destroyers

  • Charles F. Adams-class (United States Navy)
  • Spruance-class (United States Navy)
  • Kidd-class (United States Navy)
  • Arleigh Burke-class (United States Navy)
  • Zumwalt-class (United States Navy)
  • Type 42 (Royal Navy)
  • Type 45 (Daring-class) (Royal Navy)
  • Iroquois-class (Royal Canadian Navy)
  • Takanami-class (Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force)
  • Kee Lung-class (Republic of China Navy)
  • Type 052C destroyer (People's Liberation Army Navy)

Destroyers in Science Fiction

Destroyers feature prominently in many science fiction series, but their combat role is not necessarily that of escort.

  • Star Destroyer: these are the multi-role, workhorse capital ships of the Empire
  • Omega-class: these are examples of the role of destroyers in B5 -- they are among the largest multi-role capital warships in the series.
  • Nova-class: another large capital warship from B5