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My telepathic powers tell me you're staring at my cleavage.

Counselor Deanna Troi is the product of yet another of many cross-species matings in Star Trek, this time half-human, half Betazoid. Aided by the telepathic abilities of her alien half, she serves as the psychiatrist on the Enterprise-D. It's hoped that her abilities were of better use in her counseling sessions than on the bridge as fans joke about not needing telepathy to tell what a certain character was feeling.

Ship's doorknob

Everyone gets a piece with Troi, even in Data's fantasies.

Troi is the object of desire for much of the Enterprise crew. She was in a long relationship with Riker before their assignment to the ship which is renewed and results in marriage between them in the TNG movie era. Reginald Barclay was infatuated with her upon his first coming aboard the Enterprise.[1] Worf pursued a relationship with her and the two were actually married in a parallel universe.[2]

In her role as easiest character in the crew, Deanna is also frequently the object of desire for visiting aliens. A sleazy part-Betazoid negotiator hooked up with her once[3], and an alien seeking to understand human feelings impregnated Troi with itself.[4]

The one man she was prearranged to marry dumped her for a woman he only knew from dreams and fantasies and who turned out to be on board a plague-filled starship.[5]

Mental hell

Don't make me be in Nemesis!!!

In addition to the alien impregnation, she has suffered two incidents of telepathic mental violations.[6][7] She was used as a dumping ground for dark thoughts by a Federation diplomat causing her to age extremely rapidly.[8] and possessed by alien energy beings on multiple occasions.[9][10]. Together, these incidents constitute essentially been raped at least half a dozen different times. Add to that her loony mother, the death of her father at an early age, the learning that she had a sister who died when she was a baby[11] and being kidnapped and surgically altered by Romulans[12] one wonders how she can still counsel others. The time she showed real emotional distress was when she temporarily lost her telepathic abilities.


She enjoys chocolate sundaes and moonlight swims.


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