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Constellation-class starship

The Constellation-class is a type of Federation cruiser. A contemporary of the Miranda-class, it was significantly less successful, and by the mid-24th century the few surviving vessels are relegated to support roles.

Physical description

The Constellation consists of an unusually thick, teardrop-shaped primary hull, with pairs of warp nacelles mounted above and below the aft section. Multiple large bay doors are visible along the edge of the hull. The class is armed with phaser emitters and photon torpedo launchers, though the latter are not immediately visible[1]. According to secondary sources, the Constellation-class is 310 meters in length[2].

Operational life

Originally introduced around 2285, the Constellation uses many of the design elements of the Constitution-class refit program. The lead ship of the class was still conducting trial runs years after the start of the class' production run, suggesting a troubled development[3].

The class was mainly used as a deep-space exploration vessel. It received only piecemeal upgrades[4], and by 2355 it was described as "overworked, underpowered [and] always on the verge of flying apart at the seams"[5]. Few vessels remain in active service as transports[6]; others have been partially dismantled and decommissioned[7]. At least one Constellation did see action during the Dominion War[8].


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