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Colonization is the act of establishing a species or civilization into a new area.

Examples of Colonization

  • Greek colonization of the Mediterranean world (Naples and Marseille were originally Greek colonies)
  • Roman settlements in various provinces, often settling retired Legionaries in conquered territories to Romanize them.
  • Viking settlement in Russia, Iceland, and Newfoundland (the latter was not successful)
  • Colonization of North America, Australia, and New Zealand by the British (Often using penal laborers for colonists)
  • Colonization of South America by the Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Colonization of Quebec, Acadia and Louisiana by the French
  • Russian/Soviet colonization of Siberia (sometimes involving the use of deported political prisoners)

Colonization in Science Fiction

A common theme in science fiction is the colonization of space and extraterrestrial planets by humanity. Another common theme is alien civilizations attempting to colonize Earth, often by force.