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The Collector cruiser attacking

A Collector cruiser is a class of starship that appears in Mass Effect 2 and the Mass Effect anime Paragon Lost. The Collectors use them to kidnap human colonists.


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The Collector cruiser has a heat signature similar to the cruisers of other Mass Effect races, as the scan operator of the SSV Normandy quickly classed it as a cruiser, despite its unfamiliar configuration. It's actual volume and mass are much greater, comparable to a dreadnought. Despite its large size, it is capable of landing on a planet's surface.

The Collector cruiser's hull appears to have been built from an asteroid, as large portions of it appear to be natural rock. The basic shape of the ship is a tube, with engines on one end and an enormous weapon port on the other. Much of the ship's interior is a hollow cavern lined with the pods that the Collectors use for transporting captured colonists. Floating platforms allow rapid transport within this space.

The ship is armed with a massive forward proton beam and several smaller side beams. The forward weapon was powerful enough to cripple the SSV Normandy with just a couple of hits. For defense the cruiser uses kinetic barriers of unknown strength. Overall, the ship seems to be designed more as a transport than a warship, despite its powerful weaponry.

The Collector cruiser has a mass effect drive core and a Reaper IFF system that allows it to safely use the Omega 4 mass relay.

The sensor systems of the Collector cruiser are advanced enough to overcome the experimental stealth technology developed by the Systems Alliance.