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General Chang
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"Shakespeare is much better when read in the original Klingon."




Klingon Empire








General Chang was a high-ranking Klingon officer who opposed Chancellor Gorkon's plan to make peace with the Federation and seek their assistance in the aftermath of the Praxis disaster.

Chang conspired with like-minded individuals in the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire to assassinate Gorkon and block the peace effort. Using a prototype Bird of Prey that could launch torpedoes without decloaking, Chang attacked Gorkon's battlecruiser en route to the peace conference, firing from such a position that the torpedo appeared to come from the Federation starship Enterprise. In the ensuing chaos, human agents on the Enterprise beamed onto Gorkon's ship and killed him.

When Gorkon's daughter assumed her father's post and attempted to continue the peace effort, Chang organized a second attack on the Federation President at the peace conference at Khitomer. He remained in orbit over the planet in his cloaked ship to prevent interference, but was killed when the crew of the Enterprise devised a way to track his ship by its plasma exhaust and destroy it.