Centauri (The Last Starfighter)

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"Someday these cheapskates will thank Centauri, trust me!"




Star League








Centauri is a recruitment agent for the Star League from the movie, The Last Starfighter. He can best be described as The Music Man from space (the fact that he's played by Robert Preston only makes that so much more obvious).


Centauri is one of the many recruitment agents for Starfighter Command for the Star League. He is a fast-talking quick-worded being that it takes quite a bit of effort to listen to in order to ensure that you actually understand what he is actually talking about. This is even harder if you don't fully understand what he is actually referring to as he converses with you. While in his preferred appearance he appears to look human, he is actually a dark skinned alien and has a removable face he can put on or remove with a special handkerchief. His species appears to be able to sustain and heal life threatening injuries by putting themselves into a coma-like state in order to allow their bodies to repair themselves.

He has a reputation for using less-than-legal methods to find new recruits, and when he arrived at Starfighter Command with a new recruit that was unaware of being recruited it was immediately assumed that he had once again used their Excalibur Test illegally. Of course what he had actually done was create an Earth Technology video game that basically tested players on the same parameters as the Star League's own electronic test. Even with his justifications, because the recruit was not happy about being dropped into the middle of a war, he was forced to return the recruit back to Earth. Even with his dubious ethics, he appears to be the most successful of all of their recruitment agents and when the entirety of their force of Starfighers are assassinated he is still their first choice for starting to look for new recruits to replenish their pool of pilots and gunners for their Gunstar starfighters.

Centauri's Starcar

Centauri owns a starship that is known as a Starcar and it resembles an Earth automobile but as a display of Star League starship technology the small vehicle has a fully functional stardrive that allows it to travel at unknown interstellar distances in a matter of hours. The Starcar converts from ground to starship modes in a matter of seconds and its capable of reaching Earth orbit in a matter of seconds. On the ground the car is able to travel at over 300 mph and considering that its arrival and departure from Earth multiple times went undetected, as far as we can tell, some level of stealth capability.