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'''Formal Name:''' Republic of Cascadia
'''Formal Name:''' Republic of Cascadia

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Formal Name: Republic of Cascadia


Government Type: Federal Republic Head of State: President Stephen T. Garrett Jr. (Federalist-Republican Party) Head of Government: President Stephen T. Garrett Jr. (Federalist-Republican Party) Legislature: Bicameral Congress, lower chamber is the House of Representatives, democratically elected by basis of population arranged into districts; upper chamber is the Senate, appointed by provincial legislatures nominated by the governors of the provinces. Judicial Branch: Supreme Court of the Republic, composed of nine judges with the sole powers of judicial review. Capitol: Adams Capital District Major Political Parties: Federalist-Republican "Whig" Party (Right-Centrist), Democratic-Republican "Liberal" Party (Left-Centrist) Minor Political Parties: Conservative "Tory" Party (Right Conservatives), Stalwart Party (Right-Military Conservatives), Cascadian Traditionalist Party (Right Social Conservatives), Labor Party (Left Trade Unionist), Evergreen Party (Left-Centrist, environmental concerns and anti-nuclear power), Cascadian Socialist Party (Left Marxist), Jieshi Solidarity Front (Defies political spectrum, minor seperatist party from Jieshi that appeals to Asiatic Cascadians and promotes traditional Jieshi culture over Cascadian)


Currency: Cascadian Dollar ($) Population: 24,878,563 (as of 2005 census) GDP: $1.24 trillion, $49,842 per capita Major Industries: Biotech, Fishing, Logging, Shipbuilding, Computer Technology, assorted agricultural capability, Aerospace Major Imports: Oil, various raw materials. Energy Information: Modern power grid. Hydroelectric dams on the Columbia, lower Yukon, and Cascade Rivers, as well as minor rivers, provide 42% of the nation's power. Geo-thermal facilities provide another 10%. Nuclear reactors provide 30% and increasing due to the uranium deposits from the Upper Cascades (the mines produce barely enough to meet demand, importation of uranium will likely be necessary before long), leaving just 18% of the power demand to be filled by remaining coal, gas, and oil-burning plants. The long-term Peak Oil Preperation Project by the Republic and private energy-providers calls for continued expansion of hydroelectric, geothermal, and nuclear power generation.


Army of the Republic of Cascadia

Cascadian Republic Guards Corps:

1st Guards Division "The Tricolor Guard" 1st Guards Infantry Brigade (Mechanized) 1st Guards Armored Brigade (Heavy) 1st Guards Cavalry Brigade 1st Guards Army Aviation Brigade (Tactical Strike)

2nd Guards Division "The Evergreen" 2nd Guards Infantry Brigade (Mechanized) 2nd Guards Armored Brigade (Heavy) 2nd Guards Cavalry Brigade 2nd Guards Army Aviation Brigade (Tactical Strike)

Armored Guards 3rd Guards Armored Brigade (Heavy)

Cascadian Regular Army

2nd Division "The Stalwarts" 5th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized) 3rd Infantry Brigade (Mechanized)) 7th Infantry Brigade (Motorized) 7th Cavalry Brigade 1st Army Aviation Brigade (Attack Chopper)

7th Division "The Iron Wall" 1st Infantry Brigade (Mechanized) 4th Infantry Brigade (Motorized) 8th Infantry Brigade (Mechanized) 3rd Cavalry Brigade 2nd Army Aviation Brigade (Attack Chopper)

Cascadian Airborne Force 1st Airborne Brigade

Cascadian Air Defense Brigade 2nd Air Artillery Battalion (Heavy) 4th Air Artillery Battalion (Heavy) 5th Air Artillery Battalion (Medium) 7th Air Artillery Battalion (Medium)

Cascadian National Militia

Yukon Brigade Rosario Brigade Adams District Brigade Olympia Brigade Oregon Brigade Columbia Brigade Jieshi Brigade Grant Brigade (Militia brigades are organized by province, plus the capital district, as adminstrative bodies to oversee individual militia regiments from that specific province, usually divided by counties/districts.)

Cascadian Marine Corps

Cascadian Marine Forces 1st Brigade 2nd Brigade 3rd Brigade

Air Force of the Republic of Cascadia

1st Fighter Squadron ASF-9 Falcon x20

3rd Fighter Squadron (Interceptors) AIF-12 Eagle x 20

4th Fighter Squadron "The Green Aces" ASF-10C Condor x 20

6th Fighter Squadron ASF-10 Condor x 20

7th Fighter Squadron ASF-9 Falcon x20

8th Fighter Squadron ASF-9 Falcon x20

11th Fighter Squadron "Snake Eyes" ASF-9 Falcon x20

13th Fighter Squadron "Black Cats" (Interceptors) AIF-12 Eagle x 20

Air Transport Command T-14 x 4 T-12B x 24 RT-15 x 7 (aka RT-777, modern day KC-777).

Coastal Command RC-8 x 8

1st Air Reserve Squadron ASF-9 Falcon x 8 ASF-7 Hawk x 12

2nd Air Reserve Squadron GSF-6 Grizzly x 20

3rd Air Reserve Squadron ASF-7 Hawk x 20

4th Air Reserve Squadron AIF-8 Peregrine x 20

Navy of the Republic of Cascadia


Defiant-class Carrier

CRS Defiant Air Wing: ASF-10C/N Condor x 24 NSF-11 Sea Shrike x 16 ECF-2 Skyeye x 4 SH-6 Seahawk x 7

CRS Intrepid Air Wing: ASF-10C/N Condor x 24 NSF-11 Sea Shrike x 16 ECF-2 Skyeye x 4 SH-6 Seahawk x 7

CRS Republic ASF-15N Lightning x 8 ASF-10C/N Condor x 20 NSF-11 Sea Shrike 12 ECF-2 Skyeye x 4 SH-6 Seahawk x 7

Surface Combatants

Columbia-class missile cruiser CRS Columbia CRS Olympia CRS Yukon CRS Rosario (under construction)

Jiang Kai-sheng-class destroyer CRS Lawton Chiles CRS Anthony Tanner CRS Michael Warner CRS Luis Vamos CRS Nathan Mackensen CRS John Rayner

John Q. Adams-class destroyer CRS John Q. Adams CRS James Nakamura CRS Enrique Roya CRS John Hunt (under construction)

Patrick Jefferson-class frigates

CRS Patrick Jefferson CRS Hadrian Carmichael CRS Leland Hall CRS Calvin Ruther CRS Henry Martin CRS Linus Tallman CRS Alex Carter CRS Michael Sheppard CRS Cassandra Andros CRS Kenneth Rogers (under construction)

Ocelot-class corvette

CRS Ocelot CRS Bobcat CRS Wolverine CRS Peregrine CRS Lynx CRS Wolfhound CRS Doberman CRS Bulldog CRS Rottweiler CRS Seacat

Submersible Combatants

Seawolf-class Nuclear Attack Submarine CRS Seawolf CRS Stingray CRS Wahoo CRS Tigershark CRS Hammerhead CRS Growler CRS Nautilus (under construction)

Amphibious Assault Vessels

Cascadia-class Amphibious Assault Ship

CRS Cascadia RLH-14 x 20 (CH-46 equivalent) RLH-16 x 10 (CH-53 equivalent) AH-8 x 8 (Cobra-equivalent) SH-6 x 4

CRS Concordia RLH-14 x 20 (CH-46 equivalent) RLH-16 x 10 (CH-53 equivalent) AH-8 x 8 (Cobra-equivalent) SH-6 x 4

CRS Constitution RLH-14 x 20 (CH-46 equivalent) RLH-16 x 10 (CH-53 equivalent) AH-8 x 8 (Cobra-equivalent) SH-6 x 4

Tacoma-class Amphibious Transport CRS Tacoma CRS San Magdalena CRS Vancouver

Support Vessels

Settler's Creek-class Mine Warfare Ship CRS Settler's Creek CRS Guyon Creek CRS Keller Creek CRS Vaymos Creek CRS Cuithepl Creek CRS Andros Creek

Lu Mei-Ling-class Hospital Ship CRS Lu Mei-Ling CRS Carson Beckett

Columbia River-class Replenishment Ship, Heavy CRS Columbia River CRS Nevada River CRS Cascade River

Gibbons River-class Replenishment Ship, Light CRS Gibbons River CRS Jieshi River CRS Jackson Harbor

Fort Sheridan-class Fleet Oiler CRS Fort Sheridan CRS Fort Carter CRS Fort O'Neill CRS Fort Parker

Victoria Sound-class Salvage and Recovery Ship CRS Victoria Sound CRS Puget Sound CRS Weir Bay