Berman and Braga

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A.K.A. the great Satan, Rick Berman and Brannon Braga are the damned souls responsible for the abominations known as Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek: Nemesis. The franchise's current dead state is largely blamed on their incompetence.

Ups and Downs

Rick Berman is credited with improving the later years of TNG, which was particularly insipid during the early seasons that were heavily controlled by Gene Roddenberry. The perceived quality improvements from the later years of TNG were not carried over to Voyager and Enterprise, which are widely panned for having stupid plots and stupid plot devices.

Brannon Braga has had ups and downs in Trek, writing intriguing, mind-twisting episodes for TNG, but also writing the utter crap of "Threshold".

Final Analysis

Brannon and Braga are the the targets of much ridicule among many Star Trek fans, although fanatical Trektards continued metaphorically[1] sucking their dicks, no matter how bad their work became. Rick Berman has on more then one occasion claimed that he was the hand picked successor of Star Trek's creator, Gene Roddenberry. Not matter how you look at those claims they seem rather suspect and a bit ego stroking.

  1. I need to explicitly say "metaphorically" because such Trektards will take EVERYTHING literally, especially if it helps their arguments or doing so makes the warsies look bad. These are people who insist a statement from the ROTS novelization about dragons living in stars is literal