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Name: Avatar of Narendra III

Period of Activity

May 10, 2004-July 11, 2004


The now defunct Darkstar cock sucking board known as strek-v-swars


Generic DarkStar fan. Was first noticed when he resurrected the "Federation Shuttle vs. Tie Fighter" thread after a month of inactivity for the sake of saying that Photon torpedoes have over 100 megatons of firepower, and the Millennium Falcon has a weapon range of 200 meters, using DarkStar's site to back it up. After that, pulled a few numbers from what appeared to be his ass to prove powerful photon torpedoes in the "A dumbass who can't grasp how to read the Announcements" thread. After that, he made two less significant posts in diffrerent threads before going inactive.

Greatest Hits