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The Aurora and the Daedalus.

The Aurora was an Aurora-class warship built by the ancients. During the Lantean-Wraith War, the Aurora was on its way back to Atlantis carrying vital information on a critical weakness in Wraith technology when it dropped out of hyperspace so the crew could modify the interstellar hyperdrive into an intergalactic hyperdrive. During the modifications, the Wraith attacked the Aurora causing extensive damage to the ship and forcing the crew into stasis pods. 10,000 years later, the Atlantis expedition found the Aurora after activating the deep space sensors. When the Daedalus arrived, they were forced to destroy a Wraith scout that was already there. The Wraith scout sent a transmission to a pair of Wraith cruisers that were on their way there. Before the cruisers arrived, Col. Sheppard managed to convince the Aurora's crew that they were infiltrated by the Wraith. Sheppard managed to get the self destruct codes for the ship and detonated it from the Daedalus destroying both Wraith cruisers along with the Aurora.