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Atlantis is a mythological island-based civilization, said to have existed 10,000 years ago and noted for being the most advanced civilization in it's time, before it ended when the island sank into the ocean. While there is no evidence of said civilization, some conspiracy theorists and psychics believe that Atlantis actually existed. A similar myth is found in Asia for a mythological continent in the pacific known as Mu.

Some archaeologists hypothesize that the Atlantis story is based on tales of the Minoan civilization, which was a very advanced civilization for its time (although not nearly as advanced as stories of Atlantis depict). The Minoan civilization fell around the time of the Thera volcanic eruption, and there is some evidence that their capital was on one of the Thera islands.

Atlantis in Fiction

Occasionally, Atlantis exists in science fiction, usually as either a technologically advanced nation or one with command of some supernatural power. Atlanteans are often depicted as having established colonies and are depicted as giving the foundations of civilization to the world in something similar to the ancient astronaut theory.

  • In Stargate, Atlantis was an Ancient city ship that was submerged by it's operators in order to preserve and hide it from Wraith assault.
  • In both the Marvel and DC Comics universes, Atlantis existed and continues to exist to the modern day as a technologically advanced society of water breathers. Notable figures from Atlantis include Namor (Marvel) and Aquaman (DC).
  • In the LucasArts point and click adventure game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Dr. Jones hunts down the location of the mythical Atlantis.
  • As one would expect, Atlantis is depicted in the 2001 Disney film Atlantis: The Lost Empire.