All Terrain Scout Transport

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The AT-ST (All Terrain Scout Transport) is a lightly armored bipedal recon/anti-infantry vehicle used by the Galactic Empire. An AT-ST is armed with a chin-mounted double laser cannon, and side-mounted grenade launchers.

AT-ST's are usually deployed in close support to other larger walkers such as the AT-AT providing anti-infantry support. They are also used in close quarters area where the larger walkers are less efficient. AT-ST's are not heavily armored not being intended to engage heavy units. Their armor is more then enough to deflect most small arms and light anti-vehicle weapons. They have been shown in combat to easily shrug off attacks from catapults but the armor can be compromised by large enough impactors (such as the Ewok log trap). Their walking drive units are capable of maintaining the balance of the vehicle under most situations though it is possible to overcome the balancing system with sufficient uneven terrain if the driver was not prepared for the situation. The walker's main twin blasters are powerful enough to destroy another AT-ST unit. When working in concert with deployed infantry units they make excellent anti-infantry and infantry support weapons. They are capable of carrying 2 passengers in addition to the two crewmen, though not being a complete dedicated transport the quarters are a bit cramped.