All-Terrain Personnel Transport

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The All-Terrain Personnel Transport, or AT-PT is a light assault walker that was deployed by the Galactic Republic and to a lesser extent the Galactic Empire, as most of it's functions were taken up by the AT-ST.


The AT-PT is only lightly armed, only having a twin Blaster Cannon comparable in firepower to an E-Web assault gun and a small anti-personnel grenade launcher. The poorly named walker can only fit its pilot of one, and its interior is very cramped. It has a height of 3 meters.

While the vehicle is armored against most small arms, its armor is too light to shrug off even light anti-vehicle blasters. This is most likely why they were phased out of general deployment by the Imperial Army. They tend to serve in outlying or remote sectors, though a large number of Republic AT-PTs were deployed on board the Katana Fleet for infantry support.