All-Terrain Armored Transport

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Two AT-ATs at the Battle of Hoth

The All-Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) is a quadrupedal armored fighting vehicle used by the Galactic Empire during the galactic civil war. AT-AT's are deployed from Imperial starships using the AT-AT Barge heavy dropship.


The AT-AT is a heavily armored vehicle capable of resisting fire from the weapons available to the Rebel Alliance at Hoth, including anti-armor weapons and vehicle-mounted blaster cannons.

The "head" of the vehicle mounts heavy blasters in the chin and lighter blasters on the "cheeks". The height of the vehicle gives these direct-fire weapons considerable range on the battlefield.

The vehicle has a substantial troop compartment, although the means by which troops embark and deploy was not shown.


While visually entertaining, the AT-AT has a number of design flaws. Among the more obvious are the limited firing arc of its head-mounted weapons and its large target profile. Also, its legs leave it vulnerable to tripping attacks, although such attacks carry extreme risk for enemies who attempt them.

In spite of its flaws, the AT-AT is still a formidable vehicle because of its sheer size, tough armor, and large carrying capacity.