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The Primarchs are twenty genetically engineered individuals created by the God Emperor of mankind, who were the progenetors of the Space Marines.

Loyalist Primarchs

  • Vulkan (Salamanders)
  • Leman Russ (Space Wolves)
  • Jaghatai Khan (White Scars)
  • Rogal Dorn (Imperial Fists)
  • Sanguinius (Blood Angels)
  • Roboute Guilliman (Ultramarines)
  • Corax (Raven Guard)
  • Lion El'Jonson (Dark Angels)
  • Ferrus Manus (Iron Hands)

Chaos-Corrupted Primarchs

  • Horus (Luna Wolves / Sons of Horus / Black Legion)
  • Fulgrim (Emperor's Children)
  • Konrad Curze (Night Lords)
  • Angron (World Eaters)
  • Mortarion (Death Guard)
  • Magnus the Red (Thousand Sons)
  • Lorgar (Word Bearers)
  • Alpharius (Alpha Legion)
  • Perturabo (Iron Warriors)

Two other primarchs existed, but all information about them has been lost to history.