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The North Frequesuan Trust is SiegeTank's nation in SDN_World.

General Information


The North Frequesuan Trust (NFT) is an economic and political union of 2 member states, located primarily in Northern Frequesue. It was established by the Treaty of Incorporation on 4 July 2013 by the founding states San Dorado and Coilerburg. The founding rules and principles of the NFT are written down in the Statute of Investment.

The NFT operates through a hybrid system of subsidiarity and supranationalism. In certain areas it depends upon agreement between the member states. However, it also has significant supranational power, and is able to make sweeping decisions for all member governments.

Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the most powerful office in the NFT, as the head of the Syndicate, the executive branch of the North Frequesuan Trust. The CEO's title is that of President. The President is responsible for allocating portfolios to members of the Syndicate and can reshuffle or fire them if needed. He determines the Syndicate's policy agenda and all the legislative proposals it produces.

The President is appointed by the member governments for five year terms. Once elected, the President, along with his Syndicate, is responsible to the member governments who can censure him. The current President is Sidney Hank, who took office in January 2014. Hank is the first President and has a mandate until the end of 2019.

The Syndicate

The Syndicate is the executive branch of the NFT. The body is responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, upholding the NFT's treaties and the general day-to-day running of the Trust. The Syndicate operates in the method of cabinet government, with 27 members, whose title is that of Commissioner.

The members of the Syndicate are nominated by the President, then confirmed by the member state legislatures (respectively the San Dorado Board of Directors and the Corporate Congress of Coilerburg). Members of the Syndicate serve terms of five years each, and concern themselves with intergovernmentalist and supranationalist matters, such as economic integration, cooperation on law enforcement and justice, regional development, defence and external economic-political policy.

The Overseas Departments

The Overseas Departments consist broadly of NFT-administered territories outside of the member states. These territories have varying legal status and different levels of autonomy and reside directly under the Syndicate, although all have local representation, and the right to vote in Presidential elections. Overseas Departments have existed since 2015, when Syndicate policy dictated that Paradise be incorporated as an a Overseas Department.

From a legal and administrative standpoint, departments are very different from member states: according to the NFT Statute of Investment, member states are allowed to make their own laws, except for some specific areas (like defense, international and intracorporate relations, international trade and currency, courts and administrative law), as provided in the Statute, that are reserved to the Syndicate. The Departments however are governed by autonomy statutes that put them directly under management of the Syndicate and its local appointees. Therefore Syndicate regulations generally apply (civil code, penal code, administrative law, social laws, stockholder laws et cetera).


  • Area: 469,158 km²
  • Member States: San Dorado, Coilerburg

People & Economy

  • Language: Shroomanian (English)
  • Population: 45,756,121 (June '15 est.)
  • Currency: Dollar ($)
  • Gross Domestic Product: $1.04 trillion (FY2015)
  • GDP per capita: $21,942

Member States

San Dorado

  • Conventional long form: Corporate Republic of San Dorado
  • Independence: 1861
  • Chief of state: President Daphne Sinclair
  • Legislative branch: Board of Directors (75 seats). There are 76 electoral districts, each of which elects one director. The directors elect the President from among themselves; each remaining member of the Board runs one of the 75 directorates or sub-directorates. Depending on the importance of the electoral district from which a director is elected he or she will be assigned a more or less prestigious directorate to run.
  • Judicial branch: Central Court
  • Intelligence: Central Bureau for Intelligence (CBI or 'The Bureau'; internal); External Intelligence Agency (EIA or 'The Company'; external); Military Intelligence Corps (MIC or 'The Corps'; military intelligence)
  • International organization participation: North Frequesuan Trust, Frequesue Treaty Organization, FUN (observer)


  • Location: north-western tip Frequesue, bordering the Tanstaafl Raj and the Costa de las Cinco Muertes
  • Area: 22,608 km²
  • Notable features: Almost entirely covered in city-scape.
  • Maritime claims: territorial sea: 12 nm; exclusive economic zone: 200 nm
  • Climate: tropical; tropical; rainy, warm, cloudy southwest monsoon (mid-May to September); dry, cool northeast monsoon (November to mid-March); northern peninsula always hot and humid
  • Natural resources: natural gas, petroleum, tin, iron ore, coal, limestone, niobium, lead, zinc

People & Economy

  • Population: 24,112,901 (June '15 est.)
  • Gross Domestic Product: $565.2 billion (FY2015)
  • GDP per capita: $23,440
  • Major Cities

1. San Dorado (13,259,098)

2. La Palma (5,008,120)

3. Port Regal (4,124,619)

  • Major sources of income: mining; off-shire oil drilling; petrochemical industries; construction; heavy industry; electrical machinery and equipment; cheap labour; banking and investment [Switzerland-style banking secrecy]; transit hub for trans-Frequesuan import and export (sea, land and air); weapons production and trafficking
  • Education: Two commercial universities (University of San Dorado and La Palma & Presidential University) provide quality education and research, but are very expensive. Many students travel abroad for higher education (particularly to Shroomania) because that is actually cheaper than to study in San Dorado.
  • R&D: San Dorado's megacorporations maintain extensive research laboratories. The military is also a major sponsor of research, as are the two universities.
  • Energy: San Dorado is, mainly due to the Power Tower, completely energy-independent. The nation is a major exporter of oil and oil-based products.


  • Conventional long form: Corporate Republic of Coilerburg
  • Independence: 1916
  • Chief of state: Chairman Rory Lorenz
  • Legislative branch: Corporate Congress (92 seats). There are 93 electoral districts, each of which elects one Congressman. The Congressmen appoint the Chairman from among themselves. The Chairman then forms his/her own Cabinet. Cabinet members run the Central Departments.
  • Judicial branch: Supreme Court
  • Intelligence: Constabulary Intelligence Service (CIS; internal), Secretariat of External Security (SES; internal and external), Military Intelligence and Security Service (MISS; military intelligence)
  • International organization participation: North Frequesuan Trust, Frequesue Treaty Organization


  • Location: north-eastern tip Frequesue, bordering Sabika (to the east) and Omago (to the south)
  • Area: 446,550 km²
  • Maritime claims: territorial sea: 12 nm; exclusive economic zone: 200 nm
  • Climate: varies with altitude; humid and tropical to cold and semiarid
  • Natural resources: fertile plains of the pampas, lead, zinc, tin, copper, iron ore, manganese, petroleum, uranium

People & Economy

  • Population: 21,643,220 (June '15 est.)
  • Gross Domestic Product: $472.3 billion (FY2015)
  • GDP per capita: $21,822
  • Major Cities

1. Rotherburg (4,945,102)

2. Fallston (3,731,942)

3. Berlaymont (2,641,991)

  • Major sources of income: clothing and textiles, electric components, inorganic chemicals, crude minerals, fertilizers (including phosphates), petroleum products, citrus fruits, rice, grain, heavy industry
  • Education: Coilerburg used to be home to a number of respectable institutes of higher learning, particularly in the fields of electrical engineering. However, higher education has deteriorated in the last twenty years, is now being reinvigorated.
  • R&D: Mainly sponsored by foreign/semi-foreign (San Doradan) impulses.
  • Energy: Energy generation is done mainly through coal and oil-fired plants. Plans for a series of nuclear power plants are being developed.

NFT Armed Forces

The chain of command of the NFTAF runs from the President of the Trust, through the Committee for the Armed Forces, to the Combatant Commanders who command all military forces within their area of responsibility. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the service Chiefs of Staff are responsible for readiness of the NFT military and serve as the President's military advisers, but are not in the chain of command.

Combatant Commands

Regional Responsibilities

  • EASTCOM – Coilerburg Theatre
  • WESTCOM – San Dorado Theatre
  • SPACECOM – Space Command

Functional Responsibilities

  • SOCOM – Special Operations Command
  • TRANSCOM – Transport Command

Military Bases

San Dorado

  • Port Regal Fleet Base
  • Naval Station La Palma
  • Camp Kittyhawk AFB
  • Mount Kingdom Emergency Special Facility
  • Fortuna Belli Proving Grounds


  • Fallston Naval Station
  • Torberg AFB
  • Roving Sands Army Post
  • Rotherburg Arsenal
  • Camp Flatiron

North Frequesuan Army

Major Commands:

East Theatre: II Corps

West Theatre: I Corps

I Corps:

Corps Headquarters BN

1st Mechanized Division

  • 1st Mechanized Brigade
  • 2nd Mechanized Brigade
  • 5th Combat Aviation Brigade

3rd Airborne Division

  • 1st Airmobile Brigade
  • 2nd Airmobile Brigade
  • 3rd Airmobile Brigade
  • 1st Combat Aviation Brigade
  • 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade

1st Support Division

  • 1st Combat Support Brigade
  • 1st Logistics Brigade

II Corps:

Corps Headquarters BN

2nd Mechanized Division

  • 3rd Mechanized Brigade
  • 4th Mechanized Brigade
  • 6th Combat Aviation Brigade

4th Airborne Division

  • 4th Airmobile Brigade
  • 5th Airmobile Brigade
  • 6th Airmobile Brigade
  • 3rd Combat Aviation Brigade
  • 4th Combat Aviation Brigade

2nd Support Division

  • 2nd Combat Support Brigade
  • 2nd Logistics Brigade

North Frequesuan Navy

Naval Action Groups:

Aeronaval Group

1x CV, 1x CGN, 2x DDG, 2x FFG, 1x SSN 40x F-120 Rafale-M, E-2 Hawkeye, Dauphin/Super Frelon helicopters

Amphibious Group

1x LHD, 1x LPD, 1x FSS

Submarine Squadron

1x SSN, 5x SSK

Underway Replenishment Squadron

2x AOE, 1x AKE, 1x AOR

Order Of Battle


Monkeylord-class (Charles de Gaulle-class CV) (1)

CV-1 Monkeylord


Pride and Profit-class (Wasp-class LHD) (1)

LHD-1 Pride and Profit

Mysore-class (Rotterdam-class LPD) (1)

LPD-1 Mysore

Under Development:

Millennium-class (uprated Mistral-class amphibious assault carrier) (2)

AAC-1 Adventure AAC-2 Farbanti’s Fortune


Lady Fortune-class (Mk41 Ticonderoga) (4)

CG-1 Lady Fortune CG-2 Lady Liberty CG-3 Lady Justice CG-4 Lady Freedom

Silver Dollar-class helicopter cruiser (1)

CG-5 Silver Dollar


Standard-class (6)

DDG-4 Compass Rose DDG-5 Siegfried Schrom DDG-6 Appleby’s Redress DDG-7 Prince Siddhartha DDG-8 Queen Asphixia’s Revenge DDG-9 Charming Susan


Crimson Dubloon-class frigate (Zeven Provincien-class FFG) (6)

FFG-1 Crimson Dubloon FFG-2 Black Pearl FFG-3 Edward Teach FFG-4 Pale Corsair FFG-5 John Silver FFG-6 Knife of Mahrata

Formidable-class frigate (3)

FFG-7 Red Moon FFG-8 Jack Sparrow FFG-9 Neptune’s Daughter

William Dampier-class frigate (Absalon-class flexible support ship) (3)

FSS-1 William Dampier FFS-2 Bartholomew Roberts FFS-3 Kanhoji Angre


Swarm-class SSK (14)

SSK-3 Lady Ching SSK-4 Black Bart SSK-5 Long Ben SSK-6 Desmarais SSK-7 Swarm SSK-8 Infiltrator SSK-9 Whisperer SSK-10 Stalker SSK-11 Rogue SSK-12 Assassin SSK-13 Herd SSK-14 Flock SSK-15 Crowd SSK-16 Company

Barracuda-class (Barracuda-class SSN) (3)

SSN-3 Ruby SSN-4 Sapphire SSN-5 Amethyst

Vigilant-class (Le Triomphant-class SSGN) (2)

SSGN-1 Rotherburg SSGN-2 Rochester

Vigilant B-class (Le Triomphant-class SSBN) (3)

SSBN-1 Madame Terror SSBN-2 Tigerfish SSBN-3 Tengo


Waverunner-class (Supply-class AOE) (5)

AOE-1 Waverunner AOE-2 Waterwitch AOE-3 Western Isles AOE-4 Wolverhampton AOE-5 Windmaiden

Ration-class (Lewis and Clark-class AKE) (2)

AKE-1 Ration AKE-2 Dole

Protector-class (Protecteur-class AOR) (2)

AOR-1 Protector AOR-2 Sentinel

North Frequesuan Marine Corps

The NFMC is part of the North Frequesuan Navy.

Major Commands:

  • 1st Marine Brigade
  • 2nd Marine Brigade
  • 3rd Marine Brigade

Each brigade has 3 operational marine battalions, 1 amphibious combat support battalion, and 1 logistics battalion. The NFMC does not have its own aviation support.

North Frequesuan Air Force

Major Commands:

  • Defence Command (1st Interceptor Wing, 2nd Interceptor Wing, 3rd Fighter Wing, 4th Fighter Wing)
  • Strike Command (6th Bomber Wing, 7th Bomber Wing, 11th Naval Air Wing)
  • Support Command (8th Support Wing, 9th Support Wing, 10th Training Wing)

1st Interceptor Wing 101st Quick Reaction Force Sqn. "Airpirates" (F-120 Rafale) 102nd Quick Reaction Force Sqn. "Stray Cats" (F-120 Rafale) 103rd Interceptor Sqn. "Wildcards" (F-171B Spectre)

2nd Interceptor Wing (In Being) 104th Quick Reaction Force Sqn. "Iron Eagles" (F-120 Rafale) 105th Interceptor Sqn. "Jack of Hearts" (F-171B Spectre)

3rd Fighter Wing 201st Rafale Multirole Sqn. "Smokin' Jokers" (F-120 Rafale) 202nd Rafale Multirole Sqn. "Picaroons" (F-120 Rafale) 203rd Rafale Multirole Sqn. "Flying Octopi" (F-120 Rafale)

4th Fighter Wing (In Being) 204th Rafale Multirole Sqn. "Red Rooks" (F-120 Rafale) 205th Rafale Multirole Sqn. "White Queens" (F-120 Rafale) 206th Rafale Multirole Sqn. "Hawk Pawns" (F-120 Rafale)

6th Bomber Wing 501st Tactical Bomb Sqn. "Golden Dollars" (F-111X Aardvark) 502nd Tactical Bomb Sqn. "Thundercats" (F-111X Aardvark) 503rd Tactical Bomb Sqn. "Flaming Flunkies" (F-111X Aardvark) 504th Tactical Bomb Sqn. "Blockade Breakers" (F-111X Aardvark)

7th Bomber Wing (In Being) 505th Tactical Bomb Sqn. "Hustlers" (F-111X Aardvark) 506th Tactical Bomb Sqn. "Greased Lightning" (F-111X Aardvark)

8th Support Wing 901st Refueling Squadron (KC-767) 902nd Refueling Squadron (KC-767) 903rd Airlift Squadron (C-130) 904th Airlift Squadron (C-130) 905th Airlift Squadron (C-17) 906th Airlift Squadron (C-17)

9th Support Wing 801st Air Control Squadron (E-2D Hawkeye) 802nd Air Control Squadron (E-2D Hawkeye) 803rd Air Control Squadron (E-2D Hawkeye) 804th Long Patrol Squadron (P-3C Orion) 805th Long Patrol Squadron (P-3C Orion) 806th Long Patrol Squadron (P-3C Orion) 601st Special Bomb Sqn. "Thunderbirds" (LLE-B-52)

10th Training Wing 301st TEST Squadron (C-101) 302nd TEST Squadron (C-101)

11th Naval Air Wing 402nd Naval Air Wing "Yossarians Yahoos" (F-120 Rafale-M) 403rd Naval Air Wing "Blue Buccaneers" (F-120 Rafale-M)

North Frequesuan Rocket Forces

NFRF contributes to NFT deterrence through the strategic orbiter force, is responsible for all NFT military spacelift capability, and plays a vital role tying together and supporting the NFT military continent-wide through the use of many different types of satellites, stratellites and other space operations.

Main Bases of Operations:

  • Camp Kittyhawk Rocketfields
  • Torberg Cosmodrome
  • Mount Kingdom Emergency Special Facility (KINGDOM COME)

1st Global Strike Wing 1st Orbital Strike Squadron (S-1 Silver Streak) 2nd Orbital Strike Squadron (S-1 Silver Streak) 3rd Orbital Strike Squadron (S-1 Silver Streak)

2nd Global Strike Wing (In Being) 4th Orbital Strike Squadron (S-2 Silver Star) 5th Orbital Strike Squadron (S-2 Silver Star)

NFT Security Forces

Uniformed security services of the NFT. These forces in peacetime are governed by the Central Trust Committee or member nation governments, but during wartime the agency reports to the President of the Trust and the Commissioner for the Armed Forces.

North Frequesuan Coast Guard

In addition to being a military branch at all times, the NFCG is unique among the armed forces in that it is also a maritime law enforcement agency (with jurisdiction both domestically and in international waters) and has jurisdiction not only in NFT waters but also in Sabikan territorial waters (although its jurisdiction is limited there).

Coast Guard Maritime Patrol Wing

  • 1st Patrol Squadron (PBV-5A Catalina)
  • 2nd Patrol Squadron (PBV-5A Catalina)
  • 3rd Patrol Squadron (PBV-5A Catalina)
  • 4th Patrol Squadron (PBV-5A Catalina)

Zephyr-class corvette (10) C-17 through C-26

Visby-class corvette (18) C-27 through C-44

Legend-class deep water cutter (8) CC-01 Dolphin CC-02 Porpoise CC-3 Narwhal CC-4 Beluga CC-5 Rorqual CC-6 Orca CC-7 Vaquita CC-8 Irawaddy

Von Schrom-class fast attack boat (20) FA-01 through FA-20

Newark-class continental security ship (12) CS-1 through CS-12


The City Defence Forces (short form: Citidef) is a reserve military force composed of militia members or units under nationally recognized active armed force service for the Corporate Republic of San Dorado. Their task is to assist police forces during periods of heavy urban unrest. Citidef occasionally is involved in light combat duties in support of NFA units. Citidef forces are composed of six independent mechanized battalions subordinated to the Central Command. Their equipment consists mostly of light armoured vehicles (M-113 APC, M-114 Dunecat, M-115 Antlion) and light helicopters (UH-1 Bad Penny) with some towed gun support.

Coilerburg Defence Forces

The CDF are a citizen-militia made up mainly of army veterans who now combine a military role or career with a civilian career. They are not normally kept under arms and their main role is be available to fight when a nation mobilizes for total war or to defend against invasion. CDF troops train one weekend every month. Their equipment is generally fairly top-notch, owing mostly to the fact that the disbandment of the Grand Army after the ill-fated invasion of Sabika resulted in an enormous amount of excess military materiel, which is now being employed and maintained by the CDF.

Constabulary Corps

The Coilerburg Constabulary is the national gendarmerie of Coilerburg, policing both the military and civilian populations. The Constabulary is a branch of armed forces, and is technically the first corps of the Coilerburg army, although it has not fought with the army since Iler’s War. The Corps is highly visible: In times of civic unrest their distinctive blue-black uniforms are a common sight everywhere. They have a reputation for being tough but comparatively fair, although there have been notable incidents where the Constabulary have acted with what was later deemed to have been ‘excessive force’. SWAT teams, riot control teams, special crimes divisions and the Presidential honour guard are all parts of the Constabulary, as well as a Mobile Unit Division: two brigades trained specifically to deal with national emergencies.

Armed Interdiction Police

If the Constabulary Corps is generally well-liked as a tough-but-fair police force, its San Doradan equivalent is almost universally feared and loathed. Its members comprise the dreaded Armed Interdiction Police Squads, frequently simply referred to as ‘Apes’ by the populace of the Sprawl. AIP make up the special, highly mobile task forces needed to keep the peace when riots break out in San Dorado. They also provide SWAT teams and counter-terrorism units. The AIP is organized in precincts that exist distinct from the Metropolitan Police. In times of war AIP officers are mobilized to fight in the defence of the corporation, and their training looks more like that of soldiers than of police officers. The sight of them screaming through the streets on their armoured riot bikes is enough to make all but the boldest rioter turn and run.