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The Lensverse is the shorthand name given to the science fiction setting in which E. E. "Doc" Smith's Lensman books are set.


The Lensman series chronicles the struggle between two godlike species, the Arisians and the Eddorians through the use of two proxy powers, Civilization and Boskone, to determine the fate of the universe. Most of the books revolve around Kimball Kinnison, a Second Stage Lensman working for Civilization, and the trials and adventures he has whilst attempting to destroy Boskone, whether from the outside or from the inside.

The Lensman books have unfortunately not aged well, and the prose they are written in is decidedly purple, but they are known both for being (with "Doc" Smith's other series, the Skylark of Space universe) the source of much of what has today become cliché in science fiction and for the sheer scale of the series.

Doc Smith's Books

These books have been arranged in chronological order: readers should note that Doc Smith first wrote and published "Galactic Patrol" and only later returned to do Triplanetary (originally an unrelated story) and First Lensman.

Note that according to Robert Heinlein, "Doc" Smith had plans for further expanding upon the Lensman universe after "Children of the Lens", and that it develops from various clues and plot points in "Children of the Lens".

Other Books

These books have been authorised either by "Doc" Smith or by his estate.