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An alternate universe or parallel universe, as the name suggests, is another universe in a group of universes (ours included). The idea stems from certain physics theories, but is very far from either confirmation of falsification at this point.

Alternate Universes in Fiction

As they allow asking of "What if?" Questions, alternate universes are common themes in the genres of science fiction and alternate history.

  • In Star Trek, there exists an alternate universe in which Earth-based civilization, instead of developing into the Federation, produced the Terran Empire.
  • In Stargate, several alternate universes exist, among them several in which Earth has been conquered by the Goa'uld.
  • The TV series Sliders focuses upon a group of individuals with the capacity to travel from universe to universe.

Alternate Universes in the VS Debate

In versus debates, it is assumed that all fictional series/timelines are set in their own universes. Generally these two converge in some manner, usually involving wormholes or mass displacement of forces, nations, continents and star systems.