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Entropy's Soldier is the account on the wiki of Soldier of Entropy, a user on The user of these accounts often uses the term "Entropy" as his mark on his accounts. He is an Athiest in terms of religion and Jewish culturally.

Soldier of Entropy

Soldier of Entropy, henseforth refered to SoE in this article, is a fairly unobtrusive member in good standing of the boards. His location is currently described as "The fortress of the eternal void.'

SoE's origional avatar, a board standard.


SoE joined on December 28, 2006[1]. He had early problems with getting an avatar up, but they were fixed with the help of several users in Testing, especially Stark. SoE found the site with the help of a friend, who still lurks on the boards, but has never registered.

Early Threads

Before reading the information on the main site, SoE was a supporter of Trek in the SWvsST debate. This initial optimism colored his first thread, which discussed what effect the Enterprise E would have if thrust into the Halo-verse, though he did eventually concede that the Federation would not be able to turn the tide[2]. Many other posts and a few threads were made, but none of special intrest.

Testingistan Civil War

In the Testing Civil War, SoE supported Lindar. This is still in his sig. Thus followed a long period of nothing but Testing threads, broken only sparsely.

Recent Events

SoE is currently not particularly active, but often reads the site nevertheless, and still posts a few times per week on average.

Entropy's Soldier

Entropy's Soldier joined the wiki on November 5, 2007.