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The United Kingdom of Zoria is Zor's nation in the Latest Incarnation of SD.net world

General Information

Population-31.3 Million, First World Standard of living Land Area-246,312 Square KM Gross Domestic Product-1.24 Trillion


System-Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy Head of State-Monarchy (King or Queen). Current Monarch is King Leighton-I. The monarch holds a fair amount of power, including the right to Veto, but is by no means the apsolute ruler.

Ledgislature-Parliament House of Peers-Upper house, basically vestigial old boys club of Zorian Nobles at this point House of Commons-Lower house, most powerful legislative body in Zoria, universal suffrage at age 18.

Major Political Parties include…

-Liberal Party-Main left wing party (52 Seats) -Social Democratic Party-Social Democrats that generally represent workers and people in favour of social reform, current party in power (76 Seats) -Monarchist Party-Supports the Zorian Crown in most respects, varies on various issues, generally quite nationalist. (26 Seats) -Conservative Party-Main Conservative Party (69 Seats) -Green Party-Staunch Environmentalist, but varies much on other internal and foreign issues (16 seats) -Ten other seats belong to eight secondary minor parties that nobody cares about.



Zorian Japanese-25% Zorian Norse-22% Zorian (mixed Japanese/Norse)-16% Shroomanian-15% Slavic (mostly PeZookian)-9% Other Asian-4% Mixed Backround-4% Black-3% Other-2%


Atheist-34% Norse-22% Zorian Shinto-20% Christian-17% (Prodestant 68%, Catholic 20%, Orthodox 10%, 2% other) Other Pagan-3% Jewish-2% Islam 1% Other-1%


Zoria is a Regulated Market Economy state with various state provided programs including Welfare, Healthcare, Urban housing, Public Daycare centers and various other programs to minimize the effects of poverty upon the population. There are fairly strong anti-trust laws, as well as laws upon organized labor.

Zoria is very much a clean energy nation, 70% of its power comes from Hydro-electric dams in the northern section, with Solar, Wind and Nuclear power providing the rest. The last coal power plant closed its doors in 1980. Zoria has a few modest oil and Coal deposits, although they are not large enough to be a major export with most of it being used in the steel industry. The Northern Mountains are rich in Uranium, Copper and Aluminum with decent sized deposits of iron and a few deposits of tungsten, although lacking in several other strategic minerals and metals. Education, including from Preschool to High school is government provided, as is Secondary and Post secondary, Private Schools exist, but are tightly regulated. Home schooling without a licensed tutor is Illegal.

Zoria is a major trading nation, handling millions of tonnes of cargo each year, as has a considerable shipbuilding industry. Zoria is also home to the world renowned Royal Aerospace Research (RAR), a crown corporation and producers of top of the line military aircraft. Zoria has a fair sized steel industry and a specialist car industry, producing Motorcycles, electric cars and top of the line sport scars made by three main companies (Zorian Motor Works (ZMW), Legion Motors and Hiromaki/Steinsvik) and a top of the line machine tool industry. The Zorian Arms Industry is also moderately sucsessful and led by the crown owned weapons company Royal Zordinance. Zoria also has a sizable tourist industry. Zorian Agriculture is rather rich, being a major producer of wheat, rice, fruit (especially Mandarin oranges on the southern coast) and livestock, including conventional livestock (Pigs, Sheep, Cows, some water buffalo and such) as well as native Zorian Livestock, including Kangaroo, Giant Wombat (Minature Diprotodon maxing out at), A species Herbivorous Land Duck (Herbivorous dromornithids, alongside a few carnivores) and Emu. Zoria also has a notable for its entertainment industry, particularly Video games and Animation. Zoria also is an exporter of Alcohol, including Wine, Sake, Vodka and Beer and is generally world renowned for quality in said fields. Zoria is also home to the Retail giant, Buy n' Large.

Social issues

Environment-Largely in part to Zoria’s unique ecosystem, there are tight laws on hunting and there are a fair number of nature reserves. Drag net fishing is illegal in Zorian waters. Zoria has tight emissions and fuel efficiently laws on automobiles and industry.

Law enforcement and the Criminal Justice System-Zoria is notable for its policy of tightly enforced laws rather than harsh punishment. All Zorian citizens must submit to mandatory fingerprinting and DNA tests. Zorian cities have high numbers of cameras in public spaces and a comparatively large police force. Zorian Police training is considered top notch and Zorian police are well armed, each constable carrying a Personal Defense Weapon, Sidearm, Taser and Baton and wears a bullet proof vest at all time. Zorian Gun control laws are very tight, Automatic Weapons of any sort and Pistols are illegal. Rifles are legal, but ownership of a rifle requires mandatory registration and licensing (including a mandatory firearms safety course) and ownership can be permanently denied. Firearms smuggling has yet to become a major issue.

Never the less, Zorian laws have fairly limited punishments. Zorian trials are as fair as can be expected. Community service and fines are commonly applied while the Death Penalty has been since 1979 constitutionally abolished. Zoria makes some use of prison labor in non supermax jails, with each prisoner having to put in either 4 hours each day of work (minus holidays, Sundays and every other Saturday) in either cleaning up the prisons or in vegetable gardens that supply themselves with produce on pain of solitary confinement, or can take 10 hour Labor shifts doing thing including road matinence, in which case they can earn points for extra “luxuries”. The General opinion among Zoria’s population is that it is better to make sure criminals know that they WILL face the concequences of for breaking the law, even if more lightly than elsewere than to have brutal consequences that they might face due to week and blind enforcement.

Social Intoxicants-Dope is Legal in Zoria for those over 18, with the only legal sales of which are in crown run Marijuana stores. Hard Drugs are illegal. The Drinking age is 16 for beer and 20 for spirits. Tobacco is legal, but the cultivation of it on Zorian Land is not. Tobacco products are heavily (150%) Taxed can only be sold and consumed legally inside heavily ventilated “Smoking Bars” and outside city limits. Giving Minors Tobacco is a serious offence.


Mandatory 3 month national service, military optional.

Royal Zorian Navy (RZN)

1 King Michael-I-class aircraft Carrier (Nimitz-class CVN Analogue) 32 points 3 Queen Adria-I-class battlecruisers (Kirov-class Analogue) (Queen Adria-I, King Michael-II, King Stephen-I) 48 Points 2 Overlord-class LHA (Wasp-class analogue) 18 points 4 Lightning-class LST (Ivan Rogov-class Analogue) 8 points 10 Unstoppable-class destroyers ((Arleigh-Burke-class Analogue) 40 points 30 Victorium-class Frigate (Halifax Analogue) 60 points 15 Bull shark-class Diesel-Electric Attack Submarine (Collins class Analogue) 30 points 4 Leviathan-class Nuclear Attack Submarines 16 points 20 Stalward-class Corvette 20 points 2 Charity-class Hospital Ship 8 points 2 Sustinance-class Supply ship 4 points 1 Providence-class fleet tanker 2 points 1 Olaf the Short-class Destroyer (Training ship) 290 points

Royal Zorian Air Force (RZAF) 8 Royal Aerospace Reserch (RAR) ZF-12 Dragon Fighters (F-22 Raptor Analogue) 8 Points 300 ZF-10 Katana Fighters (F/A-18 Hornet Analogue) 150 Points 60 ZA-5 Maelstrom Ground Attack Aircraft (A-10 Thunderbolt Analouge) 15 points 20 ZT-130 Transport Plains (C-130 Analouge) 40 points 8 ZT-5 Heavy Transport Plains (C-5 Analouge) 8 Points 4 Airborne Tankers 4 Points 4 Heavy AWACS plains 8 points Airborne Gunship Wing 233 points

Royal Zorian Army (RZA

Service Rifle-Royal Zordinance Rifle Mark 9 (RZR9), a 6.8x43 mm rifle based off of the Heckler & Koch G36.

80,000 Professional Infantry 80 points 300 ZT-9 Deus Imperator MBT (Leopard 2 Analogue) 20 points 60 ZT-8 Imperator MBT (Leopard 1 Analouge, mostly used for training) 2 points 480 ZAPC-7 Wombat Armored Personnel Carriers (M2/3 analogue) 8 points 64 ZSPA-7 Jötunn Self Propelled Artillery (PzH 2000 analouge) 8 points 270 RZC-23 Towed Howitzers 6 Points 160 S-300 30 Points 64 ZSPAAV-4 Grass Devil Anti Aircraft Vehicle (M6 linebacker analouge) 4 Points 96 ZCH-3 Raven Combat Helicopters (AH-84 analouge) 8 Points 30 Heavy lift Helicopters 3 points 30 Utility Helicopters 1 point 1,600 engineers 2 points 300 Elite Special Forces (Dragon Force) 20 points 192 points

Royal Zorian Marine Corps (RZMC)

18,000 Marines 20 points 60 Deus Imperator MBTs 4 points 120 ZAPC-7 Wombat APC 2 points 16 ZSPA-7 Jötunn Self Propelled Artillery 1 point 16 ZSPAAV-4 Grass Devil Anti Aircraft Vehicle 1 point 24 ZCH-3 Raven Combat Helicopters 2 72 RZC-23 Towed Howitzers 1 point 31 points


Enlisted -Legionary, 3rd class (E-1) -Legionary, 2nd class (E-2) -Legionary, 1st class (E-3) -Junior Optio (E-4) -Optio (E-5) -Senior Optio (E-6) Non Commissioned Officers -Master Optio (E-7) -Master Chief Optio (E-8 ) -Aquifer (E-9) Officers -Lieutenant (O-1) -Lieutenant Centurion (O-2) -Junior Centurion (O-3) -Centurion Primus (O-4) -Pilum Prior (O-5) -Pilum Primus (O-6) -Triumvirate (O-7) -Junior (one star) Legate (O-8 ) - (Two star) Legate (O-9) -Senior (Three Star) Legate (O-10) - High (Four Star) Legate (O-11) -Dux (O-11) -Imperator (Commander in chief of the Zorian Armed forces, King Leighton-I) (O-12)

Military Units


-Fire team, 4 Personnel, Legionary, 1st class -Contubernium, 12 personnel, Optio -Strike Group, 32 personnel, First Lieutenant -Century, 160, Centurion -Cohort, 640, Pilum Prior -Maniple, 2,560, Pilum Primus -Triumviral, 7,680, Triumvirate -Legion, 15,360, Legate -Corps, 2-6 Legions, Senior Legate or High Legate (not currently in use) -Army, 6+ Legions, High Legate or Dux (not currently in use)