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Timothy Jones was a nigh legendary Troll on ASVS. To quote an account of his exploits. . .

...he made up his own rules of evidence (and changed them as it suited him), he refused to conceed arguments, he regularly would deny his own remarks (even changing them when he was quoting himself), he condescended to his opponents, he regularly insulted the opposition while refusing to receive the same treatment, he had the sense of humor of a wet rag, he believed that he was always right, and he constantly resorted to strawman attacks. So bad was he that pretty much the entire newsgroup, Star Trek and Star Wars alike, dropped him in their killfiles and refused to speak to him.

In short Timmy made everyone angry, and was the Ultimate Troll of ASVS. Here's hoping he rots in hell.


The One Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken(TOWNMNBS)


If you speak his name thrice, he supposedly shows up. Works just like one infamous bio-exorcist named Betelgeuse.

The Timothy Jones FAQ