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Before the topic moves here, I'll copy the discussion from the StarfleetJedi wiki on this topic.

"The Federation science outpost on Calder II had a deflector shield to protect it and the archaeological ruins being studied there, but there was no indication that this shield protected the entire planet. Phaser fire from a single mercenary vessel of modest size was unable to defeat it without assistance from Federation Captain Jean Luc Picard who was working undercover. (TNG: "Gambit, Part I", "Gambit, Part II")" -- Starfleet Jedi article on planetary shields, as of 1/8/2013.

The claim that "Phaser fire from a single mercenary vessel of modest size was unable to defeat it without assistance" is unsupported.

PICARD: Calder Two isn't just another archaeological site. There's a Federation outpost there.
BARAN: (dismissive) I don't see that as a problem.
VEKOR: (concerned) What are their defenses?
BARAN: Nothing to worry about. They have a type-four deflector shield protecting the outpost and the ruins.
BARAN: Our weapons are more than a match for their defenses. I anticipate we'll be able to destroy the outpost in less than fifteen minutes. After that, we'll send in Tallera and the landing party to secure the relics.

Baran clearly believes that his ship has the firepower to get through the base's shield. Picard's assistance isn't required to defeat the outpost's shielding; it's needed to do it quickly, without harming anyone on the surface.

BARAN: Charge main disruptor array... destroy the outpost.
PICARD: That would take too long. Starfleet might be here any minute.
BARAN: What are you doing?
PICARD: I'm configuring the disruptors to fire a phase-resonant pulse... If I can hit their shield generator at precisely the right frequency, I should be able to knock it off-line with a single shot.

Baran's mercenary ship is clearly capable of defeating the outpost's defenses. The incident also demonstrates -- yet again -- the vulnerability of the wave nature of Federation shields. --Ted C 15:19, 8 January 2013 (MST)