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Silik is an ugly dude.
Quite the hottie...
...until you see her the morning after.
The Suliban are a race of shape-changing humanoids from the Alpha Quadrant in Star Trek. Some Suliban served Future Guy's side in the Temporal Cold War in return for genetic enhancements.


There were at least two factions within the Suliban race in the 22nd century. Some served Future Guy's faction in the Temporal Cold War, while others opposed the alliance.[1] Nothing is known about their government, although Future Guy's followers were lead by a Suliban named Silik.


Suliban are humanoids with green, scaly-looking skin, but at least some Suliban can change their appearance to look like members of a different race. Their strength, speed, and intelligence seem comparable to that of humans. Some Suliban have exhibited unusual physical abilities (such as freely climbing on ceilings and contorting their bodies to squeeze through tight spaces) that may be either natural or enhancements from their future benefactors.


We know virtually nothing about Suliban territory. Since they never appear in the 23rd or 24th centuries, they may have become extinct before then.

Threat Assessment

The Suliban would appear to be unremarkable except for their alliance with agents from the future, which has apparently provided them with some futuristic technology as well as genetic enhancements. Even so, they appear to be a very minor power, relying entirely upon covert operations to achieve their benefactors' goals.


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